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Foo Fighters at the 2012 Grammy Awards

Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins continues to rock the stage and the red carpet in RYZ at the 2012 Grammy Awards. Looking good man, if we do say so ourselves. Congratulations on your Grammy Award victory!

RYZ on the X Factor

Check out X Factor finalist Chris Rene rockin’ RYZ. Chris performed wearing our Castle Grey H-G3′s. Good luck man!

Foo Fighters on MTV Movie Awards

Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters was caught wearing our ivory L-G3′s on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet. Lookin’ good man….

Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins continues to RYZ

Taylor Hawkins rockin’ his RYZ low-tops once again. This time while supporting the Foo Fighters’ new album. We actually had to send him a second pair he liked them so much!

Taylor Hawkins wearing his RYZ during the FF interview with MTV News

Glee’s Harry Shum Jr is ON THE RYZ

Harry Shum Jr wearing RYZ H-G3 in Black

Photos courtesy of Just Jared

Taylor Hawkins is ON THE RYZ

Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters is sporting RYZ’s L-G3 shoes in white in the video for their new single, Rope.  Check it out below!

Rope by Foo Fighters